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Prez BaRock

The Pet Rock Meets Politics with
Prez BaRock

Each Prez BaRock includes over 50 bipartisan rhetoric stickers, covering a wide range of views and 'on topic' ideas about our world today, like 'Yes We Can" and "No We Shouldn't" or "Change You Can Count On" to "Change You'll Be Counting Forever"; Each sticker is reusable and can be changed often.

Each unique Prez BaRock comes with it's own White House Prez briefing room and a 4" square clear cube for easy display or use the enclosed patriotic 'briefing room' fold-out backdrop for a more prominent display of the custom stickers.

The Prez makes great gifts for anyone regardless of which way they lean politically.


$14.95 each + s&h

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